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Bhavesh Malhotra is a professional photographer and cinematographer who has been in the industry for over 8 years. He has a passion for capturing the beauty and essence of different subjects and genres. He has worked with many entrepreneurs, brands, business owners, advertising and marketing agencies, and has delivered stunning content for their projects. His expertise includes food, fashion, product photography as well as cinematography.

Bhavesh’s work reflects his creativity, skill and attention to detail. He is not satisfied with mediocre work and always strives to create phenomenal content that exceeds his clients’ expectations. He also provides excellent post-production and after-sales service that ensures his clients’ satisfaction. With his extensive experience, Bhavesh has realized that many companies and photographers are focused on making money rather than delivering high-quality work. BM Production is an initiative to change this trend and provide clients with content that is much better than what they expect.

Bhavesh believes that photography and cinematography are not just about taking pictures or videos, but about telling stories and creating emotions. He is always eager to learn new techniques and explore new possibilities in his field. He is also keen to collaborate with other talented and passionate people who share his vision. BM Production is not just a business, but a platform for Bhavesh to express his artistry and passion.

Bhavesh also takes pride in his personal involvement in every project he undertakes. He tries to personally attend to all shoots himself and if not, then tries to closely keep an eye on all shoots so that the quality of his work or work associated with him isn’t jeopardized in any way or form. He values his clients’ trust and satisfaction and does not compromise on the quality of his work.










Keeping the Message, Audience, Emotional Connector, Creative composition, Dynamic Artistry, and Story a concept is created. 

As per the concept and the vibe of the shoot, the photographs are styled with quirky and relevant props which makes the photo stand out.

With an eye for detail, we keep Lighting, Colors, Composition, Storytelling, and Emotions in mind and capture each image.

We use the best tools to edit each photo. With patience and observation, we edit each photograph until it's perfect.





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