Is freelance photography a good career option?

Ooo a flower! 

You like taking pictures, you carry your camera everywhere, people don’t like going out with you because you give your camera more importance, you like travelling alone because you like the company of your gear more than others. You see a good view and feel like taking a picture, you see a good plate of food and wish to capture it, you in your empty time think about what kind of photo shoot you wish to execute. If this is you, photography should definitely be a part of your life.

You want to be the one who takes a picture that people talk about for years to come, you want to be so famous for your work that people have to make appointments just to have a phone conversation with you, you want to come up with a concept for your shoot that has a deep meaningful message, if you want to be the next big thing, the next big person who boggles the world with his creativity, get in line because every other freelance photographer dreams of this and if this is how you think, buddy you don't need to make photography a part of your life, photography is your life. 

Where’s my manager!

Being a photographer or knowing how to use a camera doesn’t cut it, that's not what it takes to be a freelance photographer, you need to be a good business person. Freelance photography is 60 percent business and 40 percent photography, most of your time is going to be invested in pitching clients generating leads, making cold calls posting on social media bla bla bla. You need to know the how to business if this is the career option you have in mind. 

Who wants money pff.

Being a photographer is challenging within itself and being a photographer in India is probably as difficult as it can get. Recently someone i spoke to told me, that if i throw a rock from here it will go and land on a photographer’s head, yes! That's the kind of competition that we have in India. If you decide on becoming a freelance photographer, the money offered for projects is really less and since the competition is so tough getting clients is tough as well. Most of the clients that get will either ask you to shoot for free or pay you so less that you might as well just do it for free. Of course this is not the case all the time, you will come across clients who pay you for what you are worth but majority of the clients are going to pay you peanuts to build their Taj Mahal. 

Save. Spend. Sulk. Repeat. 

If you are freelancing you need to have a secondary source of income, some sort of investment and you surely need savings. What a lot of people don’t understand or do not consider is that freelancers usually survive on savings, you can’t blow up all your months earning thinking that you will get a client next month because if you are not at the too of your game, you might not! You have to consider and plan your spending's if you wish to survive and you need to have a secondary source of income so you can be at peace with your freelancing career and be as creative as you want and be as choosy with your client selection as you want.

Its 7 pm can i go home now?

Buddy if you are freelancing you are always at work, your workstation is also where you stay, home! There will be no fixed schedule, some days you will either work from 8 am to 4 am and some days you will work from 12 pm to 3 pm. Not only are you going to invest your time in shooting but a lot of your time is going to go in editing and editing is really time consuming. 

Having said that, freelancing is not all pain and misery, freelancing is so much fun. You get to see new faces meet new people, your work is never monotonous, you are always working on something new and you are your own boss and you work on your own terms but all this doesn’t change the hard truth that it comes with. Either ways guys just like everything else, freelance photography has its pros and cons so decide wisely! 

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