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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

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if you are someone who has been in the industry for more than a decade then stop reading right away. This post is probably not going to teach you anything might make you giggle a little looking at how people with lesser gears are managing. Okay then maybe read it for a chuckle.

See man. whatever I'm sharing here right now is based entirely on my experiences and based on my preferences. But i'm quite sure you'll be able to start shooting after reading this. Having said that LETS GO.

Okay first lets talk about the gears you will need, yes you'll have to invest money, what to do?

people usually go for the portable light box ( link for the light box down


Pros- Cons-

1)Its portable 1) The border (1)

2)Light weight 2) The Cloth gets dirty (2)

3)looks cool 3) The cloth gets creases

These boxes are great and everything but the problem is that the borders come in the way which is so annoying.

You cant take eye level pictures man. And also the cloth needs special care and i don't have time to pamper myself and these people want me to pamper the cloth? If you don't iron it with care the cloth might get a dirty patch.

I think you can wash the cloth but you have to do it with "care". I tried washing the cloth and it has faded from places so now its useless.

The gear i would suggest is:

Use a Chart paper or a shooting table (Purchase link for the shooting table down below)

Chart papers are very cheap and easily available, the only problem is that you would prefer buying a new one every time. But i don't really consider that as a problem, chart papers are damn cheap. I usually stick four big sized pieces of chart paper from the behind and i use a non glossy tape but that's optional.

The shooting table gives you more space to work and it allows you to

work comfortably where as a light box is a box so you have to be careful while placing the product otherwise if you by mistakenly come in contact with the box, it moves and then you get annoyed and then you throw your camera out of anger and then you join a call center because you don't have enough money to buy a new camera. Save your camera, don't buy a light box.

Why would i even suggest a shooting table which costs so much when you can just use a chart paper?

if you go to your clients office and have to shoot there, carrying a chart paper looks very unprofessional and they might think that you don't have money for your gear or they might think that the amount that they are paying you is more than they should since you don't even have a proper set up. They wont think that you are good at your work or wont be like, its okay as long as the output is good. So it really matters on what image you create of yourself in front of your clients.

Lights Camera Action:

If you are a photographer who has been playing with lights, you would agree to this that no matter how many lights you have you'll always want more.

Having said that, Simpex Video trilight 3X CFL studio light (Purchase links below).

These are continuous lights, benefit of having continuous lights is that you always know what your final picture is going to look like.

I have 2 of these lights which i always prefer to bounce off the ceiling. they are set in a 45 degree angle a little behind the product from both the sides. if i directly face the light to the product, the light emits harsh spot exposure on the product.

Now depends on how your client wants the picture to be, according to that demand the camera settings would differ. Now since i have lesser number of lights i prefer keeping the lowest shutter speed possible and my camera is always mounted on a tripod. Try and get a tripod which has a rubber base which can be converted to a metal pin like base. this metal base allows you to move the tripod easily on smooth surfaces, like that if there is a slight angle change that you want to make while doing a product shoot, instead of changing the position of the product or changing the position of the tripod by lifting it you'll just have to push the tripod in any direction you want which will give you much more precise positioning. Having said that my ISO is always set to 100 and Aperture would be anywhere between 12 to 18.

To get a complete white background I use Photoshop and Tada! the picture is ready! After all these efforts i still have to use Photoshop? why to take so much of trouble and spend so much of money when you still have to use Photoshop? Because without all these efforts, using Photoshop and editing a picture will take extremely long and the final picture wont look as good as it would look with the set up.

Check the rest of the site, get in touch through social media if any questions or leave a comment down below. I would love to help you all.


light box:

Simpex Video Trilight:

Shooting table:

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